DCC Training Table

In the spirit of Balthazar's Carousing tables (which inspired me to create my own, of course), I created another table for characters who might want to seek out training between adventures.

Training Chart
(1d20 Modified By Luck)

Each time a PC spends any ‘down time’ in a town of at least a month and has on hand at least 50 gp for every level their character currently has that they are willing to part with, they may choose to roll a single 1d20 on the Training chart.  The roll is modified by their Luck bonus, and is also increased by +2 if they have a known named NPC patron or trainer that is at least 1 level higher than them and of the same class.

Training Chart
A Grave Misunderstanding: You and your master or patron have an exchange of sharp words, and he ends your training, telling his colleagues of your obtuseness.  You gain no training, and you suffer a -2 to future training checks in this kingdom or city for the next year.
A Training Accident: There is a serious mishap during one of your training sessions, and you are gravely injured – suffer 2d6+2 hp damage.
Betrayal!  Your mentor plots against you and at an opportune moment robs you of your worldly possessions!  Roll 1d4: (1) lose all monetary wealth on your person; (2) lose 6d6 gp or whatever you have; (3) lose your favourite weapon; (4) lose one magical item
Guilt By Association: Your patron or trainer is not well liked in certain circles, and your association with them will affect you – you gain a poor reputation with the following on 1d8: (1) the town’s lord or council, (2) the thieves’ guild, (3) a rival of the same class as you and 2 levels higher, (4) the city guard, (5) the leading church in town, (6) a sinister cult, (7) another jealous patron or trainer, (8) a rival adventuring party.
Only The Best Gold Can Buy: You find a master or trainer, but he is far more expensive than might be expected.  Pay another 20 gp, and roll again with a +1 to your Training roll.
You Know What You Already Knew: Your teacher cannot impart any new skills.  You gain nothing of value from your training.
Learn Some Simple Tricks: Your teacher imparts some minor wisdom to you, gain +1 XP.
Knowledge Is Yours: Your teacher is very successful in your training, you gain +1d3 XP.
Hardship and Toil: While you do not learn any specific skills, your consistent efforts make you hardier.  Gain 1 hp.
Not Your Traditional Training: Your teacher imparts some non-traditional training to you.  You may gain an additional language, weapon proficiency, or background skill by rolling on the Background chart.
An Altruistic Teacher: Your master does not want your gold, as you are a prized pupil.  Gain 1d4 xp and you do not need to spend 20 gp.
Skills Learned: You gain +2 to an existing skill you possess.  If you have no specific skills, name one that would be appropriate to your background or class that the GM agrees to.
Perhaps You Know More: Your patron or trainer teaches you some valuable life skills, and you gain a point of Luck.
An Adventure Is Awaiting: Your training is derailed by unexpected circumstances – roll again on the Carousing chart.
A Fast Friend Made: Your mentor has a novice student and yourself form a strong bond of friendship – gain a trusty 0 level follower who makes all morale checks at +4.
Ferocity and Fire Learned: You gain vicious cunning – increase your critical hit die by +1d.
Lightning Reflexes!  You learn how to avoid blows with expert instruction – gain +1 to Reflex saves.
Accurate Eye: You learn pinpoint strikes – gain +1 to all melee attacks
Better Than You Were: Your efforts result in greater physical or mental prowess – you gain a point in the appropriate characteristic to your class – Cleric +1 PER, Thief + AGI, Warrior +1 STR, Wizard +1 INT, Dwarf + STA, Elf +1 AGI, Halfling +1 LUC.
Greatness Is Within Reach: Your training is not tedious nor mundane – your master assigns you a great task, a feat of greatness or a quest that you fulfill.  You may increase any one characteristic of your choice by +1.
A Parting Gift: After being an apt pupil and gaining 1d6 xp, your master also bestows upon you a gift to show you how pleased they are.  Roll 1d6: (1) a healing potion; (2) a gem worth 50 gp; (3) a vicious weapon of your choice that rolls +1d damage; (4) a mithril chain shirt; (5) a vial of holy water; (6) a magical trinket of protection that gives you +1 to Fortitude saves
Your Master Is Pleased: Your mentor is greatly impressed by your talent and ability to learn.  Gain 1d6 xp and your mentor’s door is open to you at any point for training (a one time bonus of +2 on future training rolls with this mentor)

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